Learn how to Easily Upgrade One or Multiple ASAs from CDO

In this module, you will upgrade ASA images via CDO.  The outcome is that the time it takes to upgrade an ASA will be reduced by upwards of 80%

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  • Location of Instructional Video - If you would rather watch and learn, then check out the video for this lab (note: The video was made before scheduled upgrades was added to CDO) --> The Link to The Video!
  • Official CDO Documentation - The CDO Documentation is On-Line and up to date.  Check the Topic, begin here -->  The Link to the Docs are Here! 

Upgrade an ASA using CDO.

* ASAs need to be in the "Sync" state in order for CDO to allow an upgrade to be run on them

* Select ASA1.  Run an upgrade on ASA.  Execute the upgrade to run immediately

* Select ASA2. Run an upgrade on ASA2, but choose to schecule it

* Select both ASA3 & ASA4.  See that you can perform the same ASA upgrade functions across multiple devices as you can for one device.