Learn how the CDO CLI Tool and Macro Functions Work

In this module, you will learn explore and test the ASA CLI Tool and create and use the Macros inside that GUI. The outcome is that you will see that basically any command (enable level or configuration level) can be run from the CDO CLI Tool, not just per device, but in bulk as well!

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  • Location of Instructional Video - If you would rather watch and learn, then check out the video for this lab --> The Link to The Video!
  • Official CDO Documentation - The CDO Documentation is On-Line and up to date.  Check the Topic, begin here -->  The Link to the Docs are Here! 

Use the CLI Tool to get information for your ASA(s) and make changes as well.  Create a Macro to make your life easier as you manage your ASA's

* (Note your device need to be "In Sync" in order to run configuration mode changes against an ASA, but enable mode level changes will still continue to work)