The Big Kahuna

In this module, you will add a Meraki MX to CDO and then manage a single, common object across ASA, FTD, and Meraki

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  • Location of Instructional Video - There are no video as this is still pre-release functionality.
  • Official CDO Documentation - The documentation is unavailable as this is still pre-release functionality.

Onboard a Meraki Device

* Adam will send the API key in an email

* Organization, Choose "Cisco"

*Network, Choose "techpubs"

* Do not worry about the labels

Edit the Object in the Meraki Rule

* Go to the Meraki Policy Page in CDO

* Find the rule that includes an item ""

*Change  it to use the Object "Corp-DNS1"

* Write the Change back to the Merak MX

One Object, 3 Device Types

* Now go to the Objects Page

* Filter for the Corp-DNS1 Object

* Note that on the right hand panel of the object, there are several relationships for this object

* Change the value of the object

* Go back to the Device page.  You should see that several devices are "Not Synced"

* Feel free to push the change out to multiple device at once