Managing FTD Policies in CDO

In this module, you will create, edit, delete, and deploy FTD Policies from CDO

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  • Location of Instructional Video - There are no video as this is still pre-release functionality.
  • Official CDO Documentation - The documentation is unavailable as this is still pre-release functionality.

Review and Edit the Existing Policies on FTD1

* Create a rule that will Deny the WorkerBees from going to Antarctica or Christmas Island

* Enable Security Intelligence

* Push the rule

* Review the change in the CDO Change Log

Reorder an FTD Rule

* On FTD1, move the AnalystDeskAccess Rule to be second from the top

* These are High Frequency Traders.  Change the IPS for this rule to be "Connectivity over Security"

Remove a rule

* The Guess Network now has its own Internet connection and is using a Meraki MX as its Firewall.  Remove the "KeepGuestsOutOfCorporateNetwork" rule 

* Push that change to the device