See How CDO Provides Operational Visibility and Change Management Functions

In this module, you will learn how CDO tracks all changes and makes recovering from changes a snap!  The outcome will be that you will understand how CDO can help keep track of the who, what, where, when, and why of Firewall changes, and how to revert to a good know state when this go wrong.

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  • Location of Instructional Video - If you would rather watch and learn, then check out the video for this lab --> The Link to The Video!
  • Official CDO Documentation - The CDO Documentation is On-Line and up to date.  Check the Topic, begin here -->  The Link to the Docs are Here! 

Find the Changes that you made in the previous lab 

* Explore how changes can be viewed per device, or wholistically

* Us the filter options to zero in on a specific criteria

* Enable the "Change Request" functionality (hint -- Tenant settings can be found in the top right hand corner where your Tenant and Username are displayed

* Create a new Change Request

* Now edit an Object or an ACL

* Cancel the Change Request, and go into the Change Log to view how the Change Request is populated

* Notice that you can attach a Change Request item to a change that you already made inside of CDO