Let's Manage our ASA Policies with CDO 

In this module, you will see how to manage your ASA Access-Groups and Access-Control List (ACLs) using CDO.  You will also see how CDO can expose rules that are not currently valid by utilizing the Shadowed Rules algorithm.  The outcome will be that unusable ACL's will be removed, and centralized workflow for ACL management is established.

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  • Location of Instructional Video - If you would rather watch and learn, then check out the video for this lab --> The Link to The Video!
  • Official CDO Documentation - The CDO Documentation is On-Line and up to date.  Start here to learn more about ASA Policy Management  -->  The Link to the Docs are Here!

Add, Remove, Edit ACLS's and Access-Groups.  Apply the changes to 1 or more devices

* Find your Shadowed Rules and Remediate them

* Edit an existing ACL

* Create a new ACL in one of the existing Access-Groups

* Create a new ACL and create a new Object while in the new ACL workflow

* Create a new ACL and use an object from another device.  See how a "Shared Object" is born!

* Apply the changes to 1 or more devices