Let's Optimize our ASA Objects 

In this module, you will optimize or "clean-up" the objects that are on your devices. The outcome will be that the ASA devices will have existing object issues removed, and those devices will be easier to operate and troubleshoot, as well as being in a better condition for a porting to FTD in the future.

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  • Location of Instructional Video - If you would rather watch and learn, then check out the video for this lab --> The Link to The Video!
  • Official CDO Documentation - The CDO Documentation is On-Line and up to date.  Check out the Object Management Topic -->  The Link to the Docs are Here!

Make sure that you hit at least 1 of each of the 3 Object Remediation Types:

- Unused    - Duplicate   - Inconsistent

* Remove 1 or more Unused objects

* Find A Duplicate.  Resolve it by picking 1 of the duplicates to be your standard bearer for that value

* Remediate an inconsistent group (the Block List is a good one)

* Ignore an inconsistent to see what happens