Explore FTD Device Management in CDO

In this module, you will explore the featurs that exist in CDO to enable Device Settings, Interface Configuration, and Routing.

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  • Location of Instructional Video - There are no video as this is still pre-release functionality.
  • Official CDO Documentation - The documentation is unavailable as this is still pre-release functionality.

Manage FTD Device Settings using CDO

* Choose an FTD device select the Settings link on the right menu bar

* Survey the different options that are available to manage via CDO

* In the URL Filtering Preference section, Enable Updates and Cisco CSI.  Save.

* Go back to the Devices page and see how CDO pushes the changes to FTD

Manage FTD Interface Settings using CDO

* Create a Sub-Interface on GigabitEthernet0/1 for a Guest Network that is

* Push the changes.  Verify them in FDM

Create a Static Route

* There is an MPLS network behind these Firewalls.  

* The network is available behind the Inside Interface.  

* It is and they Gateway to get there is

* Create a Static Route on FTD 1 so that traffic can reach the network