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CDO Core Use Cases

CDO has quite a bit of functionality, but these six are the top use cases, as reported by our customers.



Learn what the state of each of your devices are in.  Have one central view to view the who, what, where, and when for all changes.


Image Upgrades

Upgrades for ASA devices become a snap with CDO. Time savings of over 90% from the traditional way you've been doing it!



Discover the objects and ACL's accross all of your ASA's.  Mitigate unnessarily objects and policies safely and quickly.


Consistent Policy

Manage Object-Groups and shared Access-Groups across 2 or 200 devices with one change and one push.


Manage at Scale

Object and Policy management at scale are built right into CDO. Leverging the CDO ASA CLI Tool, management of virtually any setting can be made on 1 or 1000 devices with one push of a button.


Prepare for FTD

Leverage CDO's optimization algorithms to prepare your ASA configuration for a clean move to Firepower Threat Defense.

CDO Technical Overview in 29 Minutes

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